Zen Boro RBA – First vertical coil RBA


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MTL Pin Kit for Zen RBA:  https://www.cthulhumod.com/product/mtl-pin-kit-for-zen-rba/


First and foremost, it’s critical to keep the coil rod stationary throughout the entire setup to prevent the bottom of the coil from becoming obstructed. Ensure that the wicking material is packed firmly throughout, even in the areas behind the posts, to maintain a tight seal against any potential leaks. Aim for a wicking density similar to that of pre-built coils—secure, yet not overly constricted.

Secondly, matching the air pin size to the inner diameter of the coil contributes significantly to the draw’s smoothness. This small detail can enhance the vaping experience by providing a consistent and balanced airflow.

Lastly, when it comes to performance, spaced coils truly shine on this device, offering a markedly superior experience compared to contact coils, particularly in terms of airflow smoothness.


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