CTHULHU MOD was founded in 2014, focusing on the original design and production of high-quality MODs, RTAs, RDAs, BORO AIO, BORO RBA, and other vaping products. Our design team has been using e-cigarettes since 2010, possessing extensive product design and manufacturing experience.

We are dedicated to integrating excellent industrial design with vaping products and using the best materials available on the market to provide the best experience for users.



Our company has purchased fluid simulation analysis software to analyze and draw conclusions when designing atomizers, ensuring a scientific basis for the atomizer design. Our factory is equipped with 47 high-precision CNC machines, enabling rapid production and offering OEM or ODM services to customers.



Regarding environmental protection, we understand that as a consumer electronics company, it is quite challenging to protect the environment through the carbon footprint. However, we will continue to make changes within our capacity to have a significant impact. We are using more recycled materials in our packaging, digital user manuals, and even eco-friendly fabrics. We are constantly improving our production processes to become more environmentally friendly. Additionally, we ensure that our returned products (no longer saleable but still usable) are fully utilized, either donated to various causes, properly recycled, or used to create art installations, rather than being discarded directly.