Iris Mesh RDA


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Single and dual mesh coil rda.

First project by vape nation community and Cthulhu mod

Vertical post design to make sure the wick will not get pulled away from the mesh and dry burning mesh( Horizontal setup means the wick will get pulled away from the mesh due to the weight of the liquid, so you end up dry burning mesh which tastes horrible.)

Build Tips:

It might whistle if no build and the air isn’t lined up.

Cotton: shove a whole ball, folded in half pad, or massive amount of bacon at your posts. when compacted it should take up most of the room in the RDA, touching the deck and going well above the posts. Please make sure cotton touch every point of the mesh.
Power: 70-120W,  support TC mode.

Package Includes:

1 X Iris Mesh RDA
2 X drip tip
2 X air flow control rings
1 X Squonk pin
1 X Spare bag
2 X 300 mesh pad


Weight0.1 kg

Black, Silver