Cthulhu Tube MOD V1


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Cthulhu Tube MOD V1 – Side Button

HEIGHT: 80mm(18650 mode), 50mm(18350 mode)
Net weight: 0.11kg
Gross weight: 0.17kg


Elegant, simple, side button design.

Dual MOSFET chip support 0.1ohm and max 40A current.

Cthulhu Tube is one of the safest tube mods on the market.It comes with Insulators.

The battery will not short circuit even if the wraps are broken. Two vent holes close to battery positive side.

The chip will stop working when atomizer short.

Reverse battery protection.

There is a lever on the bottom that acts as a safety lock. Unscrewing it a little to lock the mod.

Support 18650 and 18350.

Support 22mm and 24mm atomizer.

WIDTH: 24mm,

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How to replace Cthulhu Tube chip?

Cthulhu Tube Manuel 

Weight 0.2 kg

Black, Silver