The Fractal DNA 75C Hybrid MOD is made with true wood and resin hybrid material.

Compatible with 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries.

Fractal hybrid MOD comes with DNA 75C chip, spring load positive pin, bullet aluminum panel,

sandblasting 304 stainless steel buttons, and silver plating 510 contacts

Each Fractal DNA 75C Hybrid MOD is unique, pictures are for reference only.

We don’t need to paint the wood, the color of the wood is already the most beautiful.

Each Fractal DNA 75C Hybrid MOD is unique

It is make of true wood and resin. Spring load positive pin.

Bullet aluminum panel

Sandblasting metal parts


Sandblasting 304 stainless steel buttons

True Wood High End Mods


 LENGTH: 52mm / 2.04 in

WIDTH: 32mm / 1.25 in

HEIGHT:   95mm / 3.74in