Q: Cthulhu AIO suddenly turns off, fails to reboot, wrong battery status, too hot, low battery with new battery. Coil resistance becomes higher/lower. 
1. To resolve these issues, please clean the threads on the drip tip nut and the AIO body with medical alcohol. Please refer to Smoking Maniac’s video for further instructions.

2.Please remove the O-ring from the flush nut and clean the battery contacts with medical alcohol as well. Additionally, tighten the drip tip nut using a coin or other tool.

3. Loose screws may also be causing the issues. Please remove the inner panel using a T3 screwdriver

Please reinstall and tighten the three screws as indicated.

If the above steps do not work, please use a pocket knife to remove the anodized coating around the three screw holes.

Q: Received “check atomizer” error message.
A: Please check if the tank works on another boro device and use a coin to tighten the drip tip nut.

Q: Drip tip flush nut is stuck in the mod. How to remove it?
A: Try heating the flush nut with a lighter and use a pair of pliers holding a coin to remove it.

Q: The AIO chip is dead. How to replace it?
A: Refer to the first question on the page to tighten the three screws. If that does not work, replace the chip as shown in the video at the following link:


Q: How to fix a leaking CM tank?
A: Ensure that the bottom cover is installed correctly (refer to the picture below) and that the seal ring is dry when installing the bottom cap.

Please rotate the silicone ring 180 degrees.