Firmware V1.3 Release Notes:

1. Reduce brightness of the screen;
2. Show firmware version (in lock mode, press +and – at the same time);
3. New screen UI color (blue, green,red). 3 clicks to enter setting, and choose color.
4. Press “up” and “down” for 3 seconds to lock/unlock the “up” and “down” buttons in watt mode.
5. V1.3 works for all batchs hastur mod.



ATOM chip firmware V1.2 (for first batch hastur mod, serial number start with “A”)

Release Notes(24th June 2020):
1. Adjust TCR setting for accurate temperature control
2. “5 clicks” to start the mod after instaling new battery.
3. Fix fire delay in BYPASS mode

Click here to download Atom chip firmware V1.2