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Nice shot by @meecha_px 🙏🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏🐙🐙

#mtl #mtlvaping #mtlvapers #mouthtolung #cthulhutubemod #kayfunlite2019

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Nice shot by @vaperona - @cthulhumod Tube with 1928 MTL RDA and a friend 😂😜
This tube is awesome. It is not mechanical but it has a chip inside to prevent short circuit and the atomizer is one of the best mtl that I have ever tried. It has a very studied chamber anti leaking!!! I will give you more technical information very soon🔥🔥 .
#cthulhutubemod #1928mtlrda #mtlvapers #mtlvape #mtlvaping

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Nice shot [email protected] 👏👏👏👏👏🐙🐙🐙🐙 - Love for Steel! .

Cheap set up but superb performance! Cthulhu Tube Mod and Cthulhu Mulan RDTA from @cthulhumod .

The Mulan RDTA is a very well thought of Atomizer. Convenient to swap airflow inserts, good tight MTL draw. Innovative Inner Chamber design produces great condensed vapor that I like! Ofcourse, flavor and throat hit is bang on! Using 18mg freebase from Bluefire on this atty is like a vacation for my tongue and throat. This can compete against my high end attys on any day, but at the fraction of the cost! -
-#mtlvape #mulanmtlrdta #cthulhutubemod #mtlrta

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Nice shot by @vape_worx - Cthulhu🐙Mulan MTL RDTAが入荷🤩
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Nice shot by @t.coils 🙏🙏🙏 Mulan mtl rdta & cthulhu tube mod. ====
#mulanmtlrdta #CthulhuTubeMod #18350mods #18350mod #mtlvaping #mtlvape

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Nice shot by @coil_bro - 👇Now I’ll quickly tell you about #cthulhutube by @cthulhumod

📌Right to the point: I use this device every day, from the moment it arrived to me! That already says a lot! As you know, I like mechanical pipes because it is convenient. Although this is not a mechanical pipe, it is similar to it. It is very convenient and compact! It can be easily put in a pocket of jeans with a small bottle of liquid and they will not stick out much. I love such vape devices! It works - like an AK-47 - flawlessly! I did not have more than once when he misfired. The good news is that it can be used on 18350 batteries - then it will become super small, but unfortunately I do not have such and probably will not. Not so I need such compactness. It is already very compact. Pleased with the fact that the button sticks out. It’s easy to find, I know similar devices where the button is on a par with the case and it’s very inconvenient. Landing atomazer 24 and 22 mm - this is good news! I have not tried this device with conventional RDAs, but I think that it is intended exclusively for MTL devices and it copes with this task perfectly!

📌I did not like only one thing: manual tuning for the battery. This is not very convenient and the part that carries out this adjustment is sharp and not pleasant to the touch.

📌Otherwise, I really liked the device and I use it with pleasure! Cthulhu mod make a really high-quality product that will last for many years!

❓What do you think about this device? Share your opinion in the comments!

-#CthulhuTubeMod #18350mods #18350Mod #mtlvape #mtlvaping #mechmod

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